Custom Service and Special Order:

Our own manufactory, marketing, research, and warehouse department, provides full line services in customized products and special orders from small orders to volume orders. We assist in arrangements for shipment services for both local and overseas.


Technicians at Beston have over 20 years' of experience in providing professional services for custom made signage’s. We specialize in channel letters, lightboxes, 3D letters, awnings, way--finding signs, floor sign holders, and other available options based on your requirement. Our quality signage will also meet CSA and UL standards.

Printing Service:

We also provide large scale digital printing services for selected indoor or outdoor signs, and outdoor flag materials.

Custom quote and Consultation:

The goal at Beston is to truly collaborate and establish a relationship with your business; our job is to create a beneficial offer for your company so you may get a measurable return on your investment. If you have questions regarding, wholesale pricing, or installation, our team is ready to assist you in a process to ensure that we understand your vision. Our consultation and custom quote revolves around a series of the steps that include, thought process, materials, quality, quantity, logistics efficiency, and deadline. With signage, we take a further step to advise our clients about city permits, electricity labels, and sizing approval. This way, we make sure that clients are confident with us that we carry the knowledge of specified regulations.